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The aim of the Department of Economics is to equip its students with a solid theoretical background, to gain the ability to understand current economic events and phenomena, to comprehend economic problems and to seek and find solutions to them. For this purpose, courses related to economic theory, economic policy, economic history and international economics departments are given at undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, courses such as statistics, econometrics and mathematical economics are also included in the program catalogs to help students gain analysis skills.

Our department continues its education as two programs in English and Turkish since the 2021-2022 academic year. In the English program, students are subject to English foreign language preparatory education in the first year, and take courses in English in the following years. In the Turkish program, all courses are given in Turkish.

Our department has a master's degree with thesis since 2001 and a doctorate program since 2009. In addition, in the “distance education non-thesis master's program” in our department, there is also the opportunity to do a master's degree through distance education.
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